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technical theatre sound vocab part 2

technical theatre sound vocab part 2
  • enclosure
    an acoustically designed housing or structure for a speaker
  • equalization
    the act of obtaining a desired overall frequency response through the implementation of graphic equalizers or tone controls
  • feedback
    the return of a portion of the output of a circuit to it's input 2.) squeal of sound caused be the regeneration of a signal from it's output to it's input
  • gain
    increase in strength in a signal which is produced by an amplifier
  • harmonic
    a series of sound having a frequency which is an integral multiple of some fundamental frequency
  • microphone
    transducer that changes acoustical energy into electrical energy
  • mixer
    a device that has 2 or more signal inputs and a common signal output used to combine separate audio signal to produce an output audio signal
  • monitor
    a loudspeaker that permits the performer to evaluate or monitor his sound alone or in conjunction with other sounds
  • mono
    sound produced by a system in which microphones feed a signal processing amplifier whose output is coupled to loudspeakers
  • noise
    an extraneous sound or signal that intrudes into the original as a result of environmental noise, hum, or distortion